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Many golden rules in business align with our experiences in life. For example, if you are searching for success, it is typically wise to begin looking close to home.

That is certainly the case when it comes to digital marketing. A sound digital marketing strategy can place your online home as its kingpin, allowing you to increase enquiries, visitors, sales, and ultimately make an impact on the bottom line. In this blog, we look at why website optimisation is such a key facet of digital marketing:

The ultimate SEO tool

So much of digital marketing is about gaining visibility for your business. Your website can act as a key online location for you to showcase your products and services, but in order to do this you need visitors. A website which is fully optimised for search engine optimisation (SEO) allows you to grab your share of visitors from the search engines by ranking for typical relevant terms which they search for. But it isn't just keywords on your website which can bump you up the rankings. Having all the right titles and meta descriptions, as well as being registered as a local business on Google, can also make a difference to increase your traffic.

Enhancing user experience

Designing a website with a positive user experience, or UX, is important to optimise a website. Ensuring responsiveness is as high as it can be, that navigation is made simple, and that your website is free from unwanted distractions such as excessive advertising or cluttered pages can all add to a user experience which keeps visitors on your site for longer and encourages them to come back.

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Highlight your best assets

Depending on whether you are launching an ecommerce site, want a website to showcase case studies and images, or are more focused on videos which highlight your offering - you will want to optimise your website accordingly. Having a website which has been designed to be conducive to a particular type of media or content can make all the difference. Website optimisation allows you to perfect your layout, and maximise the impact of your content.

Offer value

True website optimisation often involves being more than simply a 'one stop shop'. You can go beyond simply being a shop face by creating and curating content which engages, informs and entertains, giving your customers and potential customers even more reasons to visit, other than to enquire or buy.

Adding comfort to the customer journey

An ideally optimised website is the product of careful thought when it comes to the customer journey. That is the customer's online movements from the time they land on your website all the way to the moment they click 'buy' or make an enquiry. The customer journey should be engaging while also offering clarity and being as simple as possible. A website can live and die by the effectiveness of its customer journey, which offers the ultimate benefit of increasing sales and enquiries.

So those are three important reasons why website optimisation is a must. What could you improve on your website?

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Monday, April 9, 2018