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Thanks to advancing technology, there have been lots of significant changes in the world of marketing. New trends are always emerging every day, and you need to keep up with them to make the most out of your promotional strategy. Below are five digital marketing trends from 2018.

Interactive content

Many businesses believe that email marketing is dying a slow death. The truth, however, is that consumers are giving more attention to messages that are personalised, interactive, and engaging.

A good content strategy should focus on increasing sales through interactive and compelling messages. In 2018, digital marketers are using elements such as GIFs, menus, real-time marketing, videos, and surveys to forge a better relationship with consumers.

Live social content

Over the course of 2017, live content became a huge trend on many social media platforms. A lot of businesses began using Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook to live stream events.

Live streaming allows brands to capitalise on visual web elements and popular trends. It’s also an effective way of interacting with both current and potential customers.

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Honest advertising

Commercials in 2018 seem to be more open about what they’re selling. This type of transparency and honesty has allowed brands to build trust with their audience.

Most professional digital marketers have become more aware of the importance of transparency. They’re creating advertisements on platforms that allow their audience to verify the legitimacy of the brands they’re promoting.

On Facebook, for example, web users can check reviews to find out whether other people like or dislike a given product or service.

Virtual reality marketing

The popularity of virtual reality has grown at a significant rate within the last five years. What's more, this piece of tech has experienced positive receptions in various industries.

Several companies have reported that virtual and augmented reality has enabled them to increase their sales. Also, they’ve reached new audiences that were initially difficult to reach through other digital marketing platforms.

AI and voice search

Nowadays digital marketers are using voice search optimisation (VSO) to reach their target market through applications and websites. They’re monitoring and analysing trends involving personal assistants such as Siri, Cortana, and Amazon’s Alexa, as well as voice-controlled tools like Google Voice Search.

This trend is expected to grow bigger as more and more companies develop virtual assistants for their consumers.

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Thursday, August 9, 2018