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We use social media platforms in our everyday lives to share news, photos and connect with friends, but many brands and businesses are unsure of how to use it for the benefit of driving digital sales.

The truth is, it’s actually quite simple to implement a digital strategy, focussing on social media to benefit your digital growth.

Platform selection

One of the best ways to begin your digital transformation through social media is to select the most suitable platforms to market your brand.

It’s a common misconception that one size fits all; platforms need to serve their purpose, and some brands are more suited to one than another.

Facebook tends to be used as the primary outlet; suitable for many objectives, including news sharing, traffic driving and product promotion. Twitter is a news sharing and customer care platform, LinkedIn is treated as a B2B outlet, and Instagram is best-used for brands which can use beautiful photography to promote products.

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Drive awareness and interest

Digital marketing is a fantastic way to drive awareness of your brand, and social media is becoming one of the more lucrative ways to do so.

Drive awareness through producing high-quality, informative and engaging content.

Building a brand presence organically on social media is easier when content is sharable. Furthermore, you can attract new audiences using one of the many ad platforms offered by the networks, where you can target specific user groups who are more likely to share an interest in your brand or product.

Boost and track conversions

One of the most exciting aspects of using social in business is the opportunity to drive a higher volume of traffic, conversion, and sales on site.

Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn ads to select conversion as an objective, then track actions from customers at various points in the sales funnel. This information can then be used to retarget those who’ve visited or taken an action on site in previous hours, days or weeks to encourage further sales.

You can even choose lead generation as an objective – the possibilities are endless.

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Monday, July 9, 2018