Internet of Business

Internet of Business (IoB) is the new publication on the block. They take a vertical approach to covering how the Internet of Things, robotics, AI, machine learning, sensors, blockchain, analytics, virtual and augmented reality, 5G, and a range of other technologies are transforming connected business and making organisations of every size more efficient, productive, and profitable.

When first investigating IoB's website, we found that their CMS of choice was in need of a restructure and optimisation to better facilitate their editorial workflows.

The Problem: To avoid disruption to service whilst optimising a live iteration of the CMS

The Solution: We optimised their CMS in different sprints by implementing new plugins, enhancing functionality and consolidating information. Additionally, we helped implement a brand new website design that had, at its core, the user's website experience in mind as well as several optimisations to the imagery and code.

Internet of Business website screenshot
Their new website design in action

An opportunity arose during our investigation to further monetise IoB's digital presence through the inclusion of sponsored white papers and a digital sponsorship package.

The Problem: To not deter the user experience from the standard editorial flow whilst offering new revenue opportunities

The Solution: We implemented sponsored content spots throughout the website, along with the appropriate landing pages and lead generation forms that encourage users to interact with the content. We also set up a new digital hub to encourage potential sponsors to reach out to IoB and open a dialogue.

IoB Digital screenshot
The Digital hub which we built

We continue to provide ongoing support and management of most technological services for IoB and regularly put forward additional opportunities to improve efficiency on their digital marketing and sales workflows.

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