Vinelake's portfolio of vertically-focused business events across the UK, the US, and Europe attract senior decision makers and business leaders, and include Internet of Manufacturing, Internet of Supply Chain, and Internet of Energy.

One of the initial bottlenecks we highlighted during our investigation process was the speed at which new event websites were being created, and how they were being managed.

The Problem: How can they easily manage so many different event websites?

The Solution: We implemented a brand new CMS system that allows them to quickly make changes to copy, imagery and content without the need for external development. It also enables them to adapt and produce new websites far more efficiently than the standard process.

IoTbuild screenshot
One of the websites we helped build

Another request which our clients put through was to change their CRM to a more cost-effective and sales-optimised solution.

The Problem: Ensuring a smooth transition from one CRM to another.

The Solution: We investigated Vinelake's business goals thoroughly and put forward a range of CRM systems that could fit in well with their existing stack. It was important that the ultimate choice suited both their business processes as well as their other technology choices.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 screenshot
We ended up picking Microsoft Dynamics 365

Additionally, we highlighted a need for a better lead generation system - one that catches the user's eye, processes their information quickly and in turn provides the necessary content.

The Problem: Optimising lead generation and feeding subsequent data into the CRM.

The Solution: We spoke closely with members of the marketing and sales team to identify the criteria they were looking for in their marketing and sales-qualified leads being generated through the websites. We ultimately went ahead with high-conversion eye-catching CTAs dotted throughout their websites that have been performing extremely well since implementation.

Brochure CTA screenshot
One of the CTAs we developed

As well as the above, we helped Vinelake to optimise their website by analysing user behaviour and adapting the structure accordingly whilst keeping SEO in mind. We continue to provide them with ongoing support and management of these services.

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