What's a digital optimisation?

It's simply an in-depth analysis and overhaul of your current digital setup where bottlenecks, inefficiencies, wasted costs & resources and improvements are highlighted for our clients to be aware of them and ultimately fix them.

We have extensive experience with managing technology projects, implementing new software and managing overall digital marketing and sales processes, so are fully aware of the implications and common mistakes and pitfalls which are made.

More often than not, we see companies who are excited to begin using new technologies or platforms, but that fail in integrating them into the bigger picture of their company's transfer of data and automation of tasks.

Going over budget? Not meeting targets? Software not behaving as you expected?

Digital optimisations can help to identify the source of these problems and take action to solve them.

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Are you interested in digital optimisation?

What do you get?

Our digital optimisations are often a mixture of action, documentation and helpful visual aids such as diagrams or flow charts, as these provide our clients with the right balance of information and visualisation.

We break down every one of our clients' channels and analyse their individual effectiveness through the lens of business, before analysing them technologically in order to pinpoint inefficiencies in the transfer of data, any loss of data and ultimately ways of cutting spending.

Additionally, our clients receive what we like to call a technological landscape, or a 'techscape' for short. This is a bird's eye view of your entire technology stack across the entire business with a full visualisation of the thoroughfare of data.

This enables two things: a point of reference for future contractors or internal technologists so that they can quickly identify issues or implement alternative solutions; and the ability to identify where data is not being transferred or where it is being transferred unnecessarily.

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We respect the privacy of our clients' users.

GDPR Compliancy

Following the recent General Data Protection Regulations formally coming into EU law, we are now more conscious than ever as to the privacy and security of our personal data - this thinking should equally be reflected in all digital audits & strategies to ensure full compliancy.

This has had unfortunate repercussions on what were thought to be straight-forward ways of generating new leads; whether it be through purchasing pre-scraped data or by unlawfully gathering user information without their consent, we now have to fully embrace the protections put in place for users.

European regulators have already reported a steep increase in the number of GDPR-related complaints following the deadline date. The Information Commissioner's Office, a non-departmental public body which reports directly to the UK Parliament, as well as its French counterpart, la Commission nationale de l'informatique et des libertés, have both reported increases in complaints made that exceed 50%.

Therefore it's important to ensure that the a simple checklist is met, even beyond the realms of your digital strategy. We recommend using Hubspot's GDPR Compliance Checklist, GDPRChecklist.io or the official ICO Data Protection Self Assessment checklist.

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