What's a digital strategy?

Just like with other traditional strategy documents, a digital strategy covers every angle of a traditional business. From marketing, to budgets and all the way through to sales, the only catch is that every step of the way is viewed from a digital lens.

It's extremely important to ensure that the entire customer journey is covered in the strategy document, so that no stone is left unturned which could lead to lost business.

This includes the marketing funnel, the sales funnel and the processes by which marketing-qualified and sales-qualified leads are generated and handled within the business.

We are also firm believers and practitioners of the inbound methodology, which at its core encourages the customer journey to be nothing more than a simple exchange of value to the prospect for their interest in your brand, conversion to a customer and ultimately promotion of your business to other prospects.

Gone are the days where sellers held the power, it's now the age of buyers - and it's more important than ever to embrace this.

We believe that all digital strategies should be inbound-first and should put the customer at the centre of all intended practices whether it be for your marketing funnel, your sales funnel or your search engine optimisation.

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What do you get?

The document covers strategy on most conventional channels such as websites and search engine optimisation, but also explores the power of relatively new practices like social media marketing, inbound methodology, A/B testing and much more.

The approach which we tend to follow at Visualizar generally involves a basic 4 step process where we Inspect, Plan, Action and Debrief.

This enables us to fully analyse and comprehend our client's company, products / services and business goals in order to produce an effective, and bespoke digital strategy package containing a technology landscape, suggested workflows, KPIs and OKRs - as well as the digital strategy document itself of course!

We then aid our clients to put into action the various workflows, platforms and methodologies which their teams will follow and use throughout the customer journey process.

Arguably the most important part of the entire process then comes when we engage in monthly debriefs and analysis sessions in order to re-assess and adapt the strategy dependent upon results.

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We respect the privacy of our clients' users.

GDPR Compliancy

Following the recent General Data Protection Regulations formally coming into EU law, we are now more conscious than ever as to the privacy and security of our personal data - this thinking should equally be reflected in all digital audits & strategies to ensure full compliancy.

This has had unfortunate repercussions on what were thought to be straight-forward ways of generating new leads; whether it be through purchasing pre-scraped data or by unlawfully gathering user information without their consent, we now have to fully embrace the protections put in place for users.

European regulators have already reported a steep increase in the number of GDPR-related complaints following the deadline date. The Information Commissioner's Office, a non-departmental public body which reports directly to the UK Parliament, as well as its French counterpart, la Commission nationale de l'informatique et des libertés, have both reported increases in complaints made that exceed 50%.

Therefore it's important to ensure that the a simple checklist is met, even beyond the realms of your digital strategy. We recommend using Hubspot's GDPR Compliance Checklist, GDPRChecklist.io or the official ICO Data Protection Self Assessment checklist.

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